Sales Team Alignment Study

Experience the competitive advantage of a sales team that is aligned for maximum productivity and profitability.  Our alignment study will give you the information you need to coach your team to greatness.

As a Sales Manager you're under more and more pressure to help your team hit its goals.  To keep growing you've got to know your people better than they know themselves.

Our powerful assessment tools will identify the specific attributes of your top people, what really makes them capable of such high performance.  Then we'll provide you with specific direction on how you can manage, coach, and train each of your sales people to reach their personal top performance level.  This framework for continual performance management will help you achieve solid growth in your sales department every year as you constantly raise the capabilities of your team.  And, the study will also provide you with a laser focused benchmark to use whenever you are hiring salespeople in the future.

Step 1: Detailed Sales Performance Analysis

Anyone who has ever managed a sales team, or reviewed the considerable research on the topic, knows that all sales teams have top, middle, and bottom performers.  A disappointing reality of life is that not all sales people perform at their full capability.  We'll help you analyze what's going on in your sales team and point out specifically what can be gained from improving performers in each category.  And we'll do this part for FREE! That's right, contact us now for your free Sales Team Analysis.

Step 2: Detailed Sales Assessment Study

If our Sales Performance Analysis shows that a significant ROI will be gained, then we'll help you proceed with a rigorous assessment of yourself and every member of your sales team with our ProfileXT/Sales Assessment tool.  This process will provide a detailed "operators manual" for you on how to get the best performances from each of your salespeople.  You'll have insight on how to manage, coach, and train your team and also insight on where your team is in or out of alignment.  And we'll also develop a hiring benchmark you can use to make better hiring decisions in the future.

Step 3: Coach For Constant Improvement

How do the best sales departments keep achieving growth even when the economy isn't the greatest?  It's by helping their people keep growing and developing their capacity to achieve more and more.  Using the information from the assessment process and combining it with our Sales CheckPoint Coaching tool, you'll be able to be that kind of coach.  The third step of the Sales Team Alignment Study is to get on the same page with each individual salesperson and create their individual development plan.

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