employee engagement

Basics of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement refers to a workplace policy that ensures that the employees are involved in decision making and strategy formulation. This involvement ensures that the employees own the organization’s vision and goals and pledge their individual commitment in achieving them. Employee engagement increases motivation and ultimately contributes to the success of the organization.

Engaging the employees affects their attitude and behavior. They do not merely work to please the boss or earn a salary. They willingly become part and parcel of the organization’s goals and will work towards them as if they were their own. Such employees will serve clients with a lot of dedication, work extra time, have minimal absent days and so on. Ultimately, the organization has higher productivity, more innovative ideas, less conflict and minimal cases of resignations.

Primarily, employee engagement is believed to affect 3 aspects: attitude, behavior and outcome. This form of engagement is two way. In addition to the management involving employees in decision making, the employees also get an opportunity to air their views and concerns. Such communication allows the 2 parties to trust each other and have mutual respect.

Different organizations approach employee engagement in different ways. The mode of communication could include meetings, emails, memos, questionnaires and so on. The bottom line remains that every member of the staff should feel constructively engaged.

The engagement should be approached with an honest objective to improve the relationship between the employees and the management. It should not be a short term tact intended to manipulate the employees in some way. Such a move will only achieve temporary results, and will leave the employees feeling duped.

Employee engagement brings about several benefits to the organization and the individuals alike. The employees experience job satisfaction, organizational commitment and ultimately feel more empowered. It should therefore be at the heart of every organization that wants to succeed.

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