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To get honest feedback, leaders need to ask

To Get Honest Feedback, Leaders Need to Ask

Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes write: “The only way to discover your strengths,” wrote Peter Drucker , “is through feedback analysis.” No senior leader would dispute this as a logical matter. But nor do they act on it. Most leaders don’t really want honest feedback, don’t ask for it, and don’t get much of it unless it’s…

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Employee Satisfaction vs. Employee Engagement

A terrific article by Rodger Dean Duncan in Forbes. For yesteryear’s command-and-control leader, the paradigm was about compliance. For today’s enlightened (and more effective) leader, the paradigm is about commitment. Commitment does not thrive in an atmosphere of giving and taking orders. Commitment thrives in an atmosphere of mutual purpose, mutual respect, and high levels…

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Team Building

Team Building: Who Are You Competing Against?

Jim Brown July 22, 2014 Years ago I was actually a pretty fair high school basketball player.  Through a lot of hard work and perseverance I was able to win a spot on the varsity squad.  It was really enjoyable to play the game at a high level and to reach a personal goal for…

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right fit

The Value of Using Assessments in Selection

Improving the accuracy of your hiring process is something an organization must consider doing if you are going to continue to be successful in the marketplace. There are simple things you can put in place now to ensure that every new hire you make will provide the creativity, drive and excellence your company needs in…

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Leadership Side

Great Leadership is onSIDE!

This past month has been filled with tense action, amazing athleticism, and tremendous teamwork from the world cup in Brazil.  Soccer is truly a beautiful game with much to be appreciated.  It has grown on me even though it is so different from the sport of my youth. I grew up somewhat obsessed with sports. …

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