About Us

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How did we get so obsessed with Leadership Development?

I've been interested in Leadership since I was a very small child.  In fact one of my first memories is of my dad as a boy scout leader and being fascinated that these teenagers would follow my dad's lead so willingly.  Sports and other clubs only piqued my interest during secondary school years and leadership opportunities in my early twenties in volunteer organizations sealed my fate.  After graduating and entering the "real world" new business leadership experiences would complete the obsession.  Now, at Leadership Tools, we obsess over how we can help leaders every day to make the lives of their employees the best they can be.

Our Team

  • Jim Brown

    Jim is the founder and principal consultant at Leadership Tools and Empower Performance Group. He is obsession behind our mission to help the world benefit from great leadership.

  • Paula Miller

    Paula is the administrative assistant, and really the reason that anything gets done around here. She is organized, effecient and really keeps us on track.  She also is a tireless volunteer as well as a wife and mother.

  • Justin Masson

    Justin is one of our contract facilitators extraordinaire!  He is an experienced Adult Educator and creates training experiences that are impossible to forget.

Our Mission

To make a difference in the lives of employees and the world, by helping smart managers add leadership skills that will make a difference.

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