What Should Be In Your Leadership Toolbox?

Companies with highly developed Leadership Development paths outperform their competition: 12x's greater in accelerating business growth and 7x's greater business results.   SOURCE: HR Magazine - August 2014

How Do We Help You Develop World Class Leaders?

Hit or Miss Leadership Development is Almost Certain to Miss!  You Need a Plan That Considers The Individual and The Organization.

Selecting The Right Manager/Supervisor

There is nothing more expensive than making a mistake when you are hiring managers and supervisors.  They have the most impact on employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall experience.  If your employees aren't happy, there's no chance that your customers will be happy either.  We partner with PXT Select™ to provide our clients with the most reliable and valid selection tool on the market, so you can hire and promote with confidence.  Find out more about our line-up of assessment tools...

Development Programs for Your Leaders

Your managers and supervisors determine the success of your organization, do you have a world-class development program for them?  We can help with that, we've developed training programs and content that can help you outsource or conduct your own in-house leadership development programs.  And we provide 360° Leadership survey tools to help leaders develop highly personal development plans.  Find out more...

Professional Tools For Human Resources & Hiring Managers

Learn more about the world's premier selection tool in a convenient webinar. Take a look under the hood of the Profile XT™ selection tool from PXT Select™.  In these informative webinars we'll examine what makes Profile XT™ tick and show you how it could help you improve your hiring process.  Hiring & Selection is a tough job, gain a serious competitive advantage with PXT Select™ .

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